Since Its Establishment , Wiqaya Aims To Provides The Highest Protection In Public Health



Pest Control Services IPM

Wiqaya provides holistic solutions for pest problems, by applying the internationally recognized
Integrated pest management program:

- Inspection

- Identification

- Recommendations

- Chemical and non-chemical treatment

Fumigation Services 

Wiqaya provides fumigation of silos, stored products, warehouses, libraries and archives, furniture, wood, lumbar, antiquity pieces, old manuscripts and artifacts. This service controls all stages of stored products’ pests development (beetles, weevils, termites, moth, etc.) and includes the protection of fabric, textile, carpets and other dry goods


Germs Control

Germ Control services ensure an environment protected from microorganisms like virus, bacteria and fungus.

Wiqaya germ control Services can be a single treatment, or a program customized for your premises.

Wiqaya provide Infection Control Plan to Treat, Control and Prevent the growth of germs in all environments. Infection control plan eliminates harmful microorganisms by following  well-defined steps that suit your premises:


 Hygiene recommendations

 Disinfecting treatment